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    In this map, you will see the estimated vertical movements for billions of points on the ground in southern Sweden. Data is based on InSAR-data from Sentinel-1 Satellites. The provided values in the map are the result of numerical data processing, complex algorithms and models, based on current accessible source data for the local conditions, the latest scientific expertise, statistical analyses and simplifications. These data are not locally adapted or optimized for small specific project areas and should therefor not be directly applied in any specific application.

    The contributing parties of Sättningskartan can under no circumstances be held responsible for neither the correctness of the data or for its applicability for any specific task, nor the interpretations made by the user or third part. They can also not be responsible for loss or damage due to (i) further processing av data in the portal to new products by the user or third part, or (ii) any interpretation of the data and / or usage by the user or third part.

    The user accepts that data and maps are provided without any guarantee and that user information from the portal can be interchanged between WSP Sverige AB (“WSP”) and SkyGeo Netherlands BV (“SkyGeo”).

    SkyGeo Netherlands BV and WSP Sverige AB only uses personal data if this is permitted under the GDPR. This states that personal data may be processed:

    • if it has been expressly authorised, or
    • if necessary for the performance of a contract, or
    • if necessary for a legitimate interest of an organisation, or
    • if necessary in order to comply with a legal obligation, or
    • if necessary for the performance of a task of general interest laid down by law

    For a specific interpretation, analysis and / or validation of data, expertise within geodesy and the numerical operations performed on the data is necessary to make reliable assessments. Only when data has been considered as reliable, further interpretation can be performed by experts within civil engineering, geology, etc.

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    Data and maps are provided under CC BY-SA 4.0.